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  • Production and factory setup consultation

    Karen Afra Zima Qeshm specializes in providing consulting services, customs services in addition to establishing manufacturing sites in order to improve cosmetics, beauty and hygiene products
    in the beautiful Qeshm Island.All in all, Karen Afra Zima Qeshm have begun breeding programs for aquatic and non-aquatic species with an approach to expand its operation in Qeshm.

    Do you know that unique and strategic geographical location and economic features of Qeshm have facilitated an increase in investments by Iranian investors who have previously invested in neighbouring countries. Qeshm is strategically situated with access to international waters through the passage of Strait of Hormuz and to other key markets in the Persian Gulf region such as Oman, and United Arab Emirates. Additionally, Qeshm is a special economic zone where it provides free-trade facilities under specific customs regulation that are not subject to tax and customs duty for any economic activity within the zone. This includes landing, storing, handling, manufacturing or reconfiguring and re-exporting raw materials as well as spare parts needed for production. Also, Qeshm Free Zone Organization provides special facilities for foreign investment, partnership and enables foreign banks to open a branch in the region